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Memories deserve to live beyond the moment

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My Approach

We all have memories of it – sitting on Grandma's knee, flicking through photo albums and treasure troves of keepsakes. It’s these moments that tell you who she was, beyond the loving Grammy you know; the sunshine-inspired holiday grins, the powerhouse poses and glamorous looks, and the smiling faces of people in love and at ease.

Moments that live with you, told through the photographs that will define you

These photographs tell a story and define a legacy – they’re the heirlooms of your life

Plus, nothing warms your heart like seeing the moment the people you love the most fell for one another!

I care about capturing your moments – the truthful and meaningful everyday alongside the life-defining experiences that make up the jigsaw puzzle of life. And doing it in a way that encourages you and the ones you love to be yourselves – because I’m not interested in capturing anything else.

I understand your connection to Hawaii. The beauty and culture of my adopted home speaks to my soul unlike any other location. 

That’s why, for me, your experience extends beyond the few hours we’ll spend together with our toes in the sand. It starts right here (hi!) and doesn’t end until you’ve got your, “Remember this trip to Hawaii? That was the most incredible time of our lives” photographs in your hands – 

Hawaii photographer, your guide, and creative – Hi, I’m Amanda, the face behind the camera!


 photographs that aren’t just beautiful, but bring back your most vibrant, colorful memories and allow you to preserve them now & forever


I’ve been an avid antique-seeker since I was 16. I’m constantly in awe of the stories artifacts from the past tell us

and a few other things

hawaii photographer

Peace to me is playing piano and singing at home
I met my husband in a band when I first moved to the island 13 years ago!

and a few other things

hawaii photographer

I’ll do anything to ensure we get the best shot possible. Sometimes that might even mean whipping out a niche 90s Sci-Fi reference – coneheads, anyone?

and a few other things

hawaii photographer

Social media isn’t totally my thing
Hear me out – I love the community social media fosters, but I’d always prefer to be in the real world, traveling, gardening, painting, and simply being
Maybe you can relate?

and a few other things

hawaii photographer

As a kid, my Grandad gifted me a film camera so I could capture my memories and create souvenirs of my life like those I spent hours pouring over. 

Being a creative child with a whirlwind imagination, it wasn’t long until something else stole my attention. But that didn’t matter. The connection between photography and I had been made. I just had to wait for it to come back into my life.

Many years later, it did. A beloved patient at the clinic I worked at passed down a camera to me. This was more than a kind gift, it was a poignant reminder of my fascination with photography’s ability to seamlessly fuse art and life. 

This was my full circle moment and I knew I couldn’t ignore it. I became a student of photography, constantly learning and advancing my skill set. Eventually, I left the medical path and combined my customer service experience with my ever-growing adoration for photography to become Amandalani Photography, a Hawaii photographer serving couples, families, and brands.

Photography was my full-circle moment

Honor your story with connection-led Hawaii photography
Providing ease & enjoyment throughout every moment