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I’ve been in your shoes – the multi-passionate creative trying to do and be it all. Not for social media fame or glory, but because you’re obsessed with learning and creating. The freedom to make, share, and connect with others never ceases to amaze you. It feels like the most human thing to do in a world defined by the digital. 

I also know that being a multi-hyphenate can be a blessing and a curse. Can’t a girl simply do laundry without having 100+ brilliant creative ideas and instantly need to scribble them down?! Urgh. And, you’ll admit it, sometimes being ultra-passionate about many things doesn’t always equal the greatest results. 

You want the best for your creative business, but sometimes it feels like your to-do list is against you. 

TAKE STOCK PHOTOGRAPHS, CREATE EYE-CATCHING CONTENT, MAINTAIN AN ELEVATED AND IMPRESSIVE ONLINE PRESENCE – it’s a lot, and you know your brand (& mindset!) would benefit from having an expert oversee these tasks.

Hawaii brand photographer specializing in portrait & content photography

Providing the strategy, systems, and creativity you need to meet modern content demands without sacrificing quality or quantity.


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Indulge in the joys of having brand-defining visual assets and all the clarity & confidence that comes with this!

Investment & Details

Hawaii brand photographer helping you protect your time, define your brand, and inspire confidence in everything you do

Hawaii Brand Photographer

Brand/Team Headshots 

Professional headshots have been a trust-building tool for decades. Showing the face(s) behind your business builds instant connection and inspires confidence in you and your team. 

How many times have you sat in a doctor's waiting room and found yourself silently comforted by the smiling faces of the ‘meet the team’ notice board? These vibrant photographs of people at ease and confident in their work environment deepen your connection with the brand through a silent nod of, “I’ve got this. I’m here for you”.

While our photo shoot will be more skipping through sand at sunset or dancing around a glamorous Big Island photo studio, the sentiment remains the same: convey the quality of your brand and deepen your connection with potential clients by showcasing your personality.

My role expands beyond being your Hawaii brand photographer

The entrepreneurial journey is one long and winding road. For us creatives, it’s never about the end destination. It’s always about the experiences along the way. These moments inspire us and propel us to keep going and continue creating. This is why I place so much value on your experience alongside the photographs we capture together.

I don’t want you to have photos of you embracing your most empowered self if the process of capturing them made you feel the opposite. And there’s no point in us working together to snap 3 months worth of content if when I’m gone, you’re overwhelmed and overworked.

My holistic approach means our time together moves you towards your brand goals – whether that’s improving your content output, taking flattering, on-brand photos to sprinkle across your online platforms, or optimizing the beauty of Hawaii to enrich your brand narrative. 

– I’m your creative strategist, island guide, and assistant for the day

There's intention behind everything we create

our wedding experience

Our Services Include The Following:

+ Fingerstache swag migas typewriter. 
+ Sriracha williamsburg semiotics fingerstache mumblecore. 
+ Kickstarter man braid stumptown synth ugh cred portland chillwave pickled freegan pug. 
+ Fingerstache swag migas typewriter. 

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“Amanda is such a wonderful photographer to work with. She is so sweet and kind and has such a great attention to detail. As a small business owner, I have worked with a lot of photographers for branding and product photos and I rate Amanda right up there with the top in her field. She listens to her client's wishes and is good at directing the model/subject to achieve the highest quality photo. I love working with her” -Amy (Owner/Founder of Pueo Boutique)

Capturing brand photographs shouldn’t be a tick-box task. It should be a confidence-inspiring experience that honors your ambition and makes your job easier

Frequently Asked

have questions?

Do you travel outside of the Big Island?

Yes! I offer Hawaii brand photography in Kona, Waikoloa, Hilo, Big Island, and travel inter-island to Oahu and Kauai. Just let me know your location when you inquire and we can find the best time, date, and location that works for your branding session. Inquire here. 

Will my photo shoot be inside or outside?

You can choose whether you want Hawaii’s signature paradise backdrop or something more refined. Once you’ve chosen your ideal location – studio, sunset, sunrise, or something else – I’ll begin planning and location scouting. 

My mission is to capture intentional, vibrant, true-to-you brand photographs. This means every Hawaii brand photography client goes through a detailed onboarding process that includes a comprehensive brand quiz and one-to-one consultation to ensure I fully understand your brand and the purpose of your photos.

How many photographs will I receive?

Your number of photos depends on your chosen package. All packages include edited hi-resolution images and web-resolution images in your shareable online gallery.

How long will my brand photo shoot be?

The length of your photo shoot depends on your chosen package. However, I promise, you’ll never feel rushed or pressured during our time together. Patience and grace always produce the truest art, and that’s the approach I take with every brand photo shoot, big or small.

At this time I do not offer any raw unedited images from your session. This helps me maintain a consistent brand I do the work for you to select the best images from each scene. However, I offer short, unedited  b-roll iPhone videos to your branding session which can be airdropped immediately after your session to your iphone for social media use. I know it's hard to wait for your images after planning your shoot and you're so excited to share them online. This is why the iphone content add-on is super helpful to hold you over until your images are hand edited one by one with care that's consistent with my editing style.

Do you offer all the raw photos?

Branding mini shoots are essentially short 15 minute headshots to get you started across your website and socials. Mini sessions are also very limited as I only offer them seasonally at a predetermined location. If you're craving more content spanning from photography and B-roll video clips for your socials and website and you want to carve out 2-3+ hours with multiple outfits, concepts, or product launches, a content halfday or content makeover is for you. You can also add different locations and customize to your needs - I'm here to help you plan your shoot  from start to finish. Still not sure what you need? Book a complimentary call with me to get started! Schedule a discovery call

should i go for a full content makeover or branding mini shoot?

Do I need to know how to pose?

Nope! I’m no model and I wouldn’t expect you to be. Using movement-led poses and prompts, I’ll capture you at your most natural and beautiful. My eye for detail means I know how to make even the most camera-adverse people look and feel their best in front of my lens. 

How will you get to know my brand?